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White Chair in an Empty Room

Lee-Anne Wine

I used to allow my emotions to rule me; I had no control or understanding of them, and thought that getting through the day feeling anxious, overworked, burnt out was part of life. I also used to manage problems by pushing them down because I could not access solutions, or had no energy to move forward with the ideas I had. I learned the hard way that in life we have choices, and that being in a low vibe state of mind, suffering from feelings of anxiety, low mood etc. will impact the choices that our brain is able to access. When we do not have enough energy to get through life, our brain will not open up essential doors that help with our growth. 


I have learned that you can master your emotions, and use them as your barometer in life to guide you in making decisions, strengthening your relationships, and succeeding in meeting your life goals. When you understand your emotions, you understand how your brain works, how your body functions, and how you can change the lens through which you view life. 


It is my life purpose to help you gain a deeper understanding and connection to yourself by uncovering your emotional patterns, supporting you with clinical tools and skills to create new neural pathways, and to reframe your narrative and world view. From my personal life, I know that once I better understand my emotions, I can better create the life that feels good for me. I have adapted my own life skills and tools to the clinical work that I do, and am driven to unlock new doors with you, because nothing brings out my passion more than helping you help yourself by building a life that feels meaningful and purposeful for you! 

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